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Monoprints are one-of-a-kind prints on fine quality print paper. These pieces have been painstakingly produced through a lengthy process which requires that I make the print plate, put pigment onto the plate to create the image, and take the impression. Multiple impressions are often required to give the results shown in these images.

Image dimensions are stated for each piece and I give the type of print paper used, when that information is available to me. When it isn’t given know that the paper is one of the following: RIVES BKF White 250 wt; Rising Stonehenge 245 wt; Somerset Velvet Newsprint 250 wt; Somerset Velvet Radiant 250 wt; or Arches Cover 250 wt.

Monoprints (unframed and unmated) $175 each.  This price includes shipping/handling and insurance costs if mailed to continental USA.  Additional costs will be charged buyer if mailed outside the continental USA.  Payment to be in US funds only by money order or certified bank check and shipment will be made as soon as funds clear. 

"Textures of Tomorrow"
Textures of Tomorrow 10"h x 7 ¾"w. Luscious, lithe textures lure us into a limitless tomorrow. The viewer is launched into a unique cosmos of potential.
Primal Urge 2 9"h x 7"w. Rainforest shadows cool our parched souls as we stretch toward our refuge. "Take me from here," my inner mind pleads. "Let me return to green refuge, whispered of but not forgotten."
Primal Urge 2
Bottle Study II
Bottle Study II. 9" h x 7" w. Arches Cover White 250 wt. print paper. A pumpkin seed whiskey flask drowned in warm reds and yellows evokes a sense of antique summer.
Bottle Study III. 9"h x 6 ¾" w. Arches Cover 250 wt. print paper. The subjects for this study were an old pumpkin seed flask, whiskey bottle, and a schoolhouse ink.
Bottle Study III
Bottle Study VII
Bottle Study VII. 9 ½" h x 7 ¾" w. RIVES BKF wt. 250 print paper. Pumpkin seed whiskey flask and schoolhouse ink flirt with each other in classic contrast.
Epicurian I. 9 ¼" h x 8"w. Somerset Velvet Newsprint 250 wt. print paper. An elegant meal is a work of art.
Epicurian I
Dinner at Sunset
Dinner at Sunset. 9 ½" h x 8" w. Magnani Pescia Pale Blue 300 wt. print paper. This image evokes memories of that restfully cool time when we can dine outdoors in the evening without fear of storm, mosquitoes, or baking in the late afternoon sun. That’s when the heart opens widest and we can dive to its depths without fear of drowning.
Old Bottles. 8 ¾" h x 6 ¾" w. Igloo and schoolhouse ink bottles, dating from the late 1800’s, plus a fancy old liqueur bottle share the limelight in this image.
Old Bottles
Lake’s Promise
Lake’s Promise. 9"h x 7"w. Arches 88 300wt print paper. Somewhere in the silence of deep lake waters there awaits the best catch of all. We know that fish is there, and that intuitive knowing keeps us fishing.
Koi Dancer I. 9"h x 7"w. RIVES BFK Heavywt. Print paper. Intense, golden fish your brilliance shines against the somber blues of pond’s murky depths. You bring joy to an otherwise dull day.
Koi Dancer I
Koi Dancer II
Koi Dancer II. 9"h x 7"w. RIVES BFK Heavywt. Print paper. Not all that glitters is gold, sometimes it’s the graceful swish of a koi’s tail that catches our attention.
Archetype Revealed. 10 ¼" h x 8 ¼" w. RIVES BKF 250 wt. print paper. The deep urges of primal being are revealed through intricate interweaving and layering of white and colored pigments.
Archetype Revealed
Design by Blue
Design by Blue. 11 ½" h x 8 ¾" w. Arches Cover 250 print paper. Spiraling into or out of love I must hold onto my hollow heart. Leaf skeletons and tissue veils invoke past loves. The empty heart aches again to be filled.
Fire God V. 9" h x 6 ½" w RIVES BKF White, 250 wt. print paper. Fiercely compelling, the flames of our campfire hold the potential for warmth, sustenance, or destruction. My heart respects this combustive force and fears its unleashed power.
Fire God V
Tribal IV
Tribal IV. 9 ½" h x 6 ¾" w. Arches Cover Black 250 wt. print paper. I know I’m not alone.
Tribal Call. 9" h x 7" w. RIVES BKF White 250 wt. print paper. Have you ever felt or tasted a subliminal sound that spoke to you of another belonging? Perhaps it was your tribal call beckoning from the depths of your spiritual DNA.
Tribal Call
Meet Up
Meet Up. 9 ½" h x 8" w. Magnani Pescia 300 gr. Print paper. On the veranda near the boulders where mist meets ocean, that’s where we’ll meet up.
Memories of Chocolate Cherries. 9 ½" h x 8" w. Rising Stonehenge 245 print paper. Once, when a friend shared a box of chocolate cherries with me, I ate so many that I later had an upset stomach. That recollection serves me well whenever I am tempted to overindulge in sweets or other pursuits.
Memories of Chocolate Cherries
Thunder God 1
Thunder God 1. 8 ¾" h x 6 ¾" w. Desert summer welcomes monsoon rain and the thunder that brings it as deities.

For the following art piecies the buyer is responsible for Shipping/handling and insurance for delivery of purchased art in addition to price displayed.  Artist will calculate these costs and report them to the buyer before shipment.  eBay coming soon.

PURE ENERGY portrays subjects which do not have physical form, but which can be experienced with our higher, inner senses. These paintings are imbued with healing energy and have the potential to positively transform the observer.

"Earth Spirit Dance"


This painting celebrates the vital essence of earth, sky, and foliage. 11" x 14" Acrylic on self-framing wrap around canvas. 2006. $125.
As we journey to the future in this painting perhaps we will find the fulfillment of our long-awaited destiny. 11" x 14" Acrylic on self-framing wrap around canvas. 2006. $85.

"Beyond Tomorrow"


You’re so very close to a magnificent epiphany! This piece proclaims your joyful transformation. 8" x 24" Acrylic on self-framing wrap around canvas. 2006. $85.

Have you felt the warmth of Chi energy as you give or receive natural healing? This painting depicts the magnificent rush which comes with balancing our energetic field. 16" x 20" Acrylic on self-framing wrap around canvas. 2006. $125.

"Chi Study III"

THE SOUTHWEST DESERT. As an Arizona native, many of my paintings are inspired by the Sonoran Desert’s magnificent scenes and peoples. The following are a few examples:

This rare, watery site is located on the grounds of the Boyce Thompson Arboretum near Superior, Arizona, where it is a sanctuary for endangered fish and fowl. This scene has the power to calm and refresh your home or office, as well.

24" H x 36" W Acrylic on self-framing wrap around canvas. 2001, award winning. $1200.


"Ayer's Pond in Winter"

"Desert Road"
Behind the Veil by Cay Randall-May

 You can follow this dreamy pathway to a desert hideaway for a cookout under the stars or a picnic after a long horseback ride. The adventure is limited only by your imagination because this image can take you so very far. Acrylic on canvas. 14" H x 17" W unframed, 19 ½" W x 15 ½" H in simple, wooden frame. 2003. $275.

ROSES My garden is blessed with more than 100 bushes of nearly as many varieties of roses. I love to paint them in the fullness of their fresh beauty; alive and fragrant.

"Rose and Oil Lamp"

 A replica of an ancient oil lamp, similar to the ones used in the Holy Land during Jesus’ time, brings a feeling of mystery and spirituality to this lively palette knife floral. Oil on canvas, 11"W x 14" H unframed or 13" W x 17" W framed. 2004. $275.

This splash of roses is captured in full bloom, right from my garden. Tea roses and old English varieties are depicted together, creating textural contrast. This canvas will bring some of my garden’s beauty into your home or office. 11" H x 14" W unframed or 16" H x 19" W framed. Oil on canvas. 2004. $225.
 "Rose Garden Harvest"

"Rose and Teapot"

 A classic hybrid tea rose sets off a playful teapot as if inviting the viewer to share teatime in the garden on a sunny Arizona afternoon. This classic oil on canvas will never go out of style. 11" H x 14" W unframed or 14" H x 17" W in gold-toned wooden frame. 2005. $250.

FAVORITES… Many of my paintings are of particularly enjoyable or memorable experiences, even dreams. Here are a few:

This lively pen and ink depicts a sea turtle hatchling which I released into the ocean on a recent Mexican cruise. We all cheered as it wobbled its way to the foamy waves, hopefully to live a long and productive life in the mysterious ocean. An icon of hope, it will find its way into your heart, as well. Ink on 300 lb. watercolor paper, 15" H x 22" W, unframed and not matted so you can customize to complement your décor. 2006. $125.
 "Baby Sea Turtle"

"Yoga Class"

 Do you or someone you love enjoy the healthful benefits of Yoga? This mixed media (ink and watercolor) painting on watercolor paper captures the joy of deep breathing and the freedom of yogic movement. Nemaste. 17"H x 21" W unmatted and unframed under Plexiglas. 2005. $125.

This inspiring piece reminds the viewer that there is a Higher Force which nurtures our spirit in times of need. Let its subliminal message of hope and transcendent grace bless your home, office, or place of worship. Ink on watercolor paper. 17" H x 21" W matted and framed under Plexiglas. 2005. $225.


"Shall We Dance"

 Lively feet invite the viewer to celebrate life and love. You can almost hear your favorite music when you have this image in your space. Ink on watercolor paper, 17" W by 21" H matted and framed under Plexiglas. 2005. $225.

Do you wonder what’s inside that mysterious computer? Here’s my impression of a circuit board, the high tech heart of a PC. Acrylic collage on watercolor paper, 11" W x 17" H, framable image, but presently not matted or framed. 2005. $125.

 "CompuHeart l"

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